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27/03/2013 Behind the scenes 0

Angkor rediscovered
part of the exhibition "Angkor : the rise of a myth" held at Guimet Museum – Paris.

Le documentaire 'Angkor redécouvert' sera diffusé sur ARTE le samedi 05 octobre à 20H45

Title: Angkor Rediscovered
Production: Arte France, Iliade Productions, Les Films de l'Odyssée, Le Musée Guimet
Director: Frederic Wilner
Format: 2D feature-length documentary
Distributor: ARTE TV

Release date: 5 October 2013

Frederic Wilner's 90 minutes documentary entitled "Angkor rediscovered" has had its successful world première on ARTE TV on 5th of October 2013.
Soulcam is proud to have shot all of the aerial footage of this amazing world-heritage monument, resulting in breath-taking images of beauty and peace.

ARTE's broadcast is part of a global exhibition "Angkor : The Rise of a Myth - Louis Delaporte and Cambodia" held at the Guimet Museum in Paris, which runs from October 2013 until mid January 2014.
The film reveals a spectacular archaeological investigation that renews our knowledge on the ancient Khmer capital, 150 years after the discovery of its ruins.  

(Click here to view ARTE's announcement – pdf document)

Some pictures of this very demanding shoot:

An exceptionnal experience in a mythical place.
If you missed out on ARTE's broadcast last October, you can watch the trailer and download the VOD movie or even order it as DVD. 

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