Russia- Kamchatka
Land of Bears

Russia- KamchatkaLand of Bears

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Title: Terre des ours / Land of the bears
Production:  Les Films en Vrac
Director: Guillaume Vincent
Format: 3DS full-length documentary
Distributor: Paramount Pictures France

Release date: 26th of February 2014


Set in the wilderness of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the land of legends and the kingdom of wild brown bears, we follow the daily adventures of five wild brown bears. A mother bear and her two young ones, an adolescent male and an experienced male leader. Each of them have their own concerns and preoccupations. The mother must feed and protect her cubs, whilst all they want is to explore the big wide world out there, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead of them. The adolescent is coming of age and must find his place in the adult world, whereas the experienced male must constantly defend his supremacy and impose his strength.

We organised our camp around our spheric airship.
This new balloon has been designed to stay inflated up to seven weeks.

Our Soulcam 3DS side-by-side gyrostabilised 3-axis head equiped with two Red Epics and Zeiss CP2 24mm lenses.

Gerome switches on the Soulcam gyrostabilised head . He has full control, over the head and camera rig and has image relay image back. Same as with the controls of the airship itself, it all happens with long ranged radio-control from the ground.

Both teams – aerial and ground team - closely working together.

The wild bears tolerate us and adjust quickly to our presence . The spheric balloon is like a daytime silent moon to them. They get so used to our airship. It is as if we are not there, which allows us to steal valuable moments of naural life.

The magic of flying with seagulls before daybreak.

End of the session, end of the day... wind sticks up its ugly head and makes the return of the airship to basecamp quite difficult and adventurous...

Crédit Photo : Olivier Gabersek

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